Couture Techniques

Couture is a term used to denote fine sewing and patternmaking techniques. Loree McConnell utilizes the art of custom patternmaking to create designs which mold perfectly to your body. A toile (a muslin copy of your final design) will be created using your body measurements. Perhaps the most fascinating part of having a custom design created for you, is the series of fittings used to refine the toile to ensure the fit, style, silhouette and movement of the garment are exactly as you imagined.

Once a precise toile is achieved, the process of selecting fabrics begins. The finest fabrics from around the world are available for your selection.

The construction process involves the finest sewing techniques including a vast number of hand stitches for a more refined, elegant garment. This superior craftsmanship will be seen and felt in the drape and fit of your one-of-a-kind custom garment.